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Aurora Travel Guide has collected some of the best Northern Lights and Aurora Borealis articles. These articles are from a wide range of travel blogs and resources.

Visit these travel blogs for some Northern lights inspiration. The blogs offer tips on the best accommodation, tours, destinations and different ways to experience the Northern Lights.

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    The 10 Best Blog Posts about the Northern Lights
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    The 10 Best Blog Posts about the Northern Lights

    What makes the Aurora Borealis, also known as Northern Lights, so popular with people? Maybe it is because there is yet to be a single explanation behind the phenomenon. Or maybe it is because they are one of a kind, a natural occurrence that is beautiful and mysterious. Here is a proper lineup of the top 10 Northern ...

    Heart my Backpack
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    Heart my Backpack

    Heart my Backpack is an amazing travel blog by Silvia. The blog offers tips and experiences as she has traveled around the world. We love some of the amazing Northern Lights articles including 7 Mistakes People Make When Trying to See the Northern Lights in Norway and 4 Surprising Things About Seeing the Northern ...
    SaveSavedRemoved 0 offers a wide range of travel information including the 5 Top Destinations to See the Northern Lights. This list includes some of the best Aurora Borealis travel destinations including Abisko, Lapland, Tromso, Alaska and Iceland.

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